Rules – FJ Summit

Basic Rules (These are really simple ones!)

  • Respect other people (FJ Summit folks, Ouray locals and guests, and others on the trail).
  • Respect any private property.
  • Respect the natural environment that we are so privileged to enjoy.
  • Remember to Stay The Trail!
  • Help others and yourself to enjoy the event!


  • Every person that enters the event needs to be registered and checked in.
  • All Adults and Minors must sign a waiver and rules sheet.
  • All Minors must have a waiver signed by their parent or legal guardian and must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Registrations cannot be sold or transferred. A registration is valid only for the account holder and their vehicle. We reserve the right to check identification and vehicle plates for participation in the FJ Summit.

Safety Rules & Regulations

  • Trails are on public roads and all rules of the road apply.
  • Alcohol is expressly forbidden on all trails.
  • No glass containers allowed on trails.
  • Observe speed limit on all roads, trails, private areas.
  • Observe all trail signs and rules.
  • Obey your trail leader -- they may have special instructions that need to be followed.
  • No winching to: trees without a tree saver or strap, power poles, fences, or pipelines.
  • Respect all structures and historical sites.
  • Stay on existing marked and designated vehicle trails - NO TRAIL BLAZING.
  • Downhill vehicles generally yield to Uphill vehicles.
  • Groups on trails are limited to 10 vehicles. Don't bunch up.
  • Trails are often 2-way. Please respect oncoming traffic and locals
  • When stopped on the trail, always leave plenty of room for traffic to come through.
  • All trash and animal waste must be picked up and carried out with you.
  • Illegal, abusive or destructive activities should be reported to authorities.
  • All Hotel Property management rules apply.
  • Hotel offers alcohol served on property. Only responsible drinking is permitted.
  • Although state law may allow it, please consider not carrying side arms at this family event.
  • Rowdiness, excessive noise, excessive vehicle noise cannot be tolerated.
  • Members and guests are encouraged to help enforce the rules in order to preserve the trails and environment and have a cleaner, safe place for everyone.
  • Please respect the locals, remember, you represent the FJ Summit and we are their guests.

Violation of FJ Summit Rules

  • FJ Summit reserves the right to remove a participant from FJ Summit activities and trail runs with no refund issued.

Rules current as of March 13, 2017 and are subject to change